Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Too lazy to be doing MMD

I want PV suggestions.
I want to make a PV.
I don't have motivation.
Or an idea.
I'll do anything.
Unless it's too confusing
Like I tried doing Hyperventilation Dance, but I didn't know what to make it as.
You know, I didn't know what to make the 'scenes' like.
I want to do "Vermillon" (by Slipknot) but if I do my idea it would be ALOT OF WORK.
Like, I'd have a seizure from the stress.
And my medication makes me tired ALL DAY so I'm not awake enough to do anything.
Yup kids, that's what mental medication does.
It makes you too tired to be depressed or have anxiety attacks.
And too tired to focus on MMD :|
But UTAU.... I can do UTAU alllll day.
I know I keep pressing the 'Enter' button
But I've typed like this for years (not all the time).
So yeah.

Newest video:

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